What is an Orthodontist??

An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in braces and dental treatments to straighten teeth and correct other teeth irregularities. While most general dentists offer a full range of dental services, orthodontists are specialists that focus only on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental irregularities and facial deformities (i.e. orthodontics). In the India, orthodontists are required to undergo additional full-time clinical and didactic training after general dental studies, so seeking treatment from an orthodontist means assurance that you are receiving care from someone that has received specialist training.

Orthodontic Treatment

It is recommended by the Indian Orthodontic Society that all children receive their first orthodontic consultation at age 7 when they have a mix of baby and adult teeth. An early exam allows your orthodontist to offer you guidance and advice as to treatment options and their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. Although your child may still have mixed dentition (i.e. both baby teeth and adult teeth), it may be an optimal time to start braces. Some baby teeth are wider than their succeeding permanent teeth, and getting orthodontic treatment before the shedding of baby teeth can make treatment easier by preserving the extra spaces that baby teeth occupy and may avoid the need to remove teeth in the future to create spaces for teeth alignment. In addition, when a child is under active growth, it may be possible to use orthodontic appliances such as jaw expanders to modify his/her jaw growth and movement. Since each child's situation is different, it is best to take him/her to an orthodontist for consultation on the appropriate treatment.